Speaker Kevin D. Monaghan Wants To Show You 
How Purpose-Built Compensation Plans Can Make All The Difference With Your People

What You'll Learn
Kevin delivers a critical message to business owners across the nation. Save time, money, and energy by KEEPING your Key Employees on board!
Kevin brings laughter and energy to an often dull subject. But most importantly, his speech brings clarity to your business's journey. Learn about:
  • The 6 Pillars of Compensation
  • Understand how you can create a WIN-WIN with Key Employees
  • Understand why compensation packages can be valuable to a Potential Buyer  


  • Know ALL Your Alternatives And Make Better Decisions  As a leader, you have many options when it comes to compensating your Key People. Explore all the options, the positives and negatives of each, and learn how to choose the most effective path for your most important assets, your Key People. 
  • Pay With Purpose  Pay alone isn't always enough. While we all want to drive results for our business, compensation should reflect both corporate and personal goals. In doing so, you connect your employees to your purpose, creating intrinsic motivation that lasts. 
  • ​Position Yourself and Your Key People to WIN TOGETHER  Formulate an employee retention strategy that can position you to 1) Keep the business running  2) Sell the business or 3) Transfer it to your family member or employee.
Meet Kevin
Speaker. Author. Coach.
In my 20's, I had the privilege of working on NBC’s "The Office" alongside one of the GREATEST Key Employees I've ever met, Steve Carrell. The cast was one of the most tight-knit crews you’ve ever seen, like a second family.
We were that way because Steve set the tone for a culture that was appreciative and abundant, where everyone felt important.
Then, Steve left the show…
And what once was for the cast of “The Office” would never to be felt again. Once a talent exits ‘stage right’... the magic may never come back. This is true for any business. The key people hold the magic.

Kevin’s wide-range of experiences, from television production assistant to financial consultant in Shanghai, China, prepared him for the work he does today – aligning the interests of Organizations and Key People.
Kevin teaches entrepreneurs & business owners how to protect, incentivize, and compensate key employees and/or partners. Making live appearances all over the country, he helps Business Owners, Partnerships, Business Brokers (buyers & sellers), and key employees align their goals with workable compensation models that incentivize over time while avoiding some of the roadblocks of giving away equity or control of dividend distribution.

Why pay more salary or give away ownership when there are alternatives to consider?
From 10 minute speeches that set the entrepreneurial mind on fire, to 3 hour workshops, Kevin has a program that communicates his message in a timeframe that works for you. 
Returning Summer 2022 with NEW TOPICS

Our 60 and 90 Minute Virtual Speeches for Business Owners will have you engaged the whole way through!
Our best mix of learning experiences is presented in an interactive live Zoom call.

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Kevin D. Monaghan is the founder of Intuitive Compensation Group LLC. ICG. Kevin holds insurance licenses to sell insurance in following jurisdictions: CA, DE, FL, GA, MD, MI, MO, NC, NJ, NV, NY, OH, OR, PA, SC, TX, VA and WI. California Insurance Licensing of Kevin D, Monaghan: CA insurance license #0J19084, State of Domicile: NC


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